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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

As far as the roster for A2 - From Renner & Ruffalo's comments, Hawkeye & Hulk will both be back. It goes with saying Cap, IM & Thor will be back. I don't see a reason for Widow not to come back.

My guess is the only additions, if there are any, will be Ant Man & Wasp. Either one of them or both of them.

As far as Spidey - not going to happen, and as long as Marvel aren't in creative control of him I don't want it to.

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
If you let multiple studios (Sony, Fox, MS) handle different facets of the same shared univese, then you're giving fans exactly what they want --- moar Marvel.

Neither fans nor general audiences would be the least bit confused by a truly shared universe that extends across multiple studios, because they *know* that Spidey, the X-Men, and the Avengers share the same comic book universe. And questions about "well then, where were the X-Men or Spidey while the Avengers were out saving the world from aliens? Or why didn't the Avengers help the X-Men when everybody was trying to go all genocide on mutantkind?" are *age-old questions* that us fanboys have been asking the Marvel Bullpen for decades
The only way that even remotely happens is if both Fox & Sony reboot to bring themselves in line with MCU continuity. Also you would need one single agreed upon creative overseer to co-ordinate everything, otherwise you just have 3 big studios stepping on eachothers toes because there is too many chefs in the kitchen. Obviously in this case MS would be in charge.

None of that is goig to happen, so why even bother painstakingly planning out a shared universe if you're just going to make a clusterf*** out of it by bringing in Fox & Sony's current universes? It would taint the whole thing.

When you try to consolidate every Marvel property at MS, then you're severely limiting yourself to the only-two-films-a-year model, which means major, MAJOR, MAJOR Marvel characters will have to get sent to the backburner. Nobody wants that.
Also, I wish people would stop bringing up the "2 films a year" thing as if it's always going to be like that. MS have talked about and already seriously considered expanding to more films per year, which would have happened with Ant Man for 2014, but Wright couldn't meet the schedule. It's inevitable.

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