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Default Re: Official X-FORCE Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by JewishHobbit View Post
I don't really see Fantomex, Jean-Paul, and Cluster as clones, as much as siblings. Fantomex had 3 brains, each a unique "personality," and when they separated I saw it as three siblings... each brain could finally act on their own. It was wierd, especially since Remender wouldn't be able to follow up on it, but I was cool to see how it went. Then when I saw the little revelation in Uncanny X-Force I was just like... uh... what?

So yeah, that sorta turned me off of the book for a while. I'll stick with it to see where it goes but I didn't get a good taste in my mouth with that reveal.
same difference. EVA described them as clones when they were introduced. Clones are genetic twins, hence genetically, they'd be closest to siblings. In any case, being sexually involved with your "sibling" is just as gross as your clone. I dont think categorizing them as siblings makes it any less incestuous

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