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Default Re: Can you see this? The Invisible Woman thread.

Originally Posted by Dragon View Post
In the original books she was supposed to be simply Reed's girlfriend and guardian for teenaged Johnny. There was mention of her being an actress, but the only evidence I've seen of that was when she was cast in a movie in FF#15, but that was more because of her post-FF fame (we won't count the entire team being cast in a movie financed by Namor and meant as a trap in FF#9).

In the films her being portrayed as both scientist and an exec at Doom's company puts the early twenties as being not likely, unless the suggestion is that she's screwing the boss. Just as Johnny being a Shuttle pilot (Who knows who he was screwing). Personally I'd prefer to see her as a lab assistant, apprentice to Reed, so in that case the mid-20's thing could work.
I would rather not see her as a scientist at all, a science teacher maybe...


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