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Default Re: Can you see this? The Invisible Woman thread.

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
I don't care about the age thing. I'd be fine with a 35-40 year old actress being cast in a franchise. If men can be cast in franchises at that age then so can women.

Hollywood is sexist so they do mind.
For me, it really all depends on the actress....and of course make up today is outstanding, so I agree there would probably be absolutely no problem with that.

IMO, my ultimate, dream cast for Sue would be Naomi Watts, I think she depicts perfectly the innocence, yet underlying strength that Sue has, and the beauty that is not only on the outside but undeniable on the inside. I think any actress has to have that...I think those were some of the things that Alba was lacking. People went after her acting ability, or looks...and to me those were actually the things that she missed in the 2 movies. She came off as a ***** to me, and that was because of the writing, so right actress, good writing, and I'll be happy.

I won't get Naomi Watts as Sue, but it would be nice....


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