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Default Re: Say something positive about The Last Stand

Originally Posted by Binker View Post
X3: a flawed good movie. A story that felt like everything was getting done, and everything from X1 and X2 became the ultimate test for all of the characters in X3. Epic because of the fights; taking chances because characters were being killed off; and relatable for some, if not all of us when we are asked if we would take the cure ourselves to become like everyone else, or be different from them. Kelsey Grammar as Beast, and Ellen Page as Kitty were great casting (as evidence with Page's return in DOFP).

Sure Ratner screwed up in keeping some of the wrong scenes and versions of scenes in the movie, and leaving what we all agree to be the better versions of those scenes deleted from the final product. Sure, it's sad that even if the story was sorta a subplot; Phoenix being a split personaloty is a far cry from the Singer and Vaughn's versions where she wasn't, and was something more akin to as if she was the next evolution of mutant, almost. But it could've been worst, and The Wolverine and DOFP have kept X3 as canon. It's flawed, and for me it depends on my feelings of the day and time on whether its okay or good, but overall; it's not as bad as many people think it is. In fact, it's what I said above: a flawed good movie, and conclusion to the X-Men trilogy.
Bold is the only thing I disagree with.

I much prefer the decision to make Phoenix a split personality from Jean, than some kind of cosmic goddess or next evolution.

Wasn't developed enough, but it was a much preferred direction.

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