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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Well its my opinion and I've seen the movie unlike you so I think I can debate with people who have seen the movie. You keep debating with people who have seen the movie about what they liked or not but you haven't seen the movie yet.

Based on the comments from the people who thinks TDW is better, they didn't mention the story being superior to the 1st one, but they mentioned, action sequences and visual effects as reasons why TDW is better.
I'm not debating anything I just see through what you are doing unlike most people, it happens everytime a film comes out. The people that don't like the film hang around in that films threads and try to convince everyone that thy shouldn't like the film as well. It's really passive aggressive tolling that's what it is, JMC wasn't particularly enamored by the film but he's not trying to push his opinions on to everyone.

You are seriously calling people wrong for thinking the movie is better than the first and they HAVE seen the film. Also you're ignore most of my points made in my post like you always do, which was STORY ISN'T THE ONLY ASPECT OF CBM FILMS. First and foremost these characters are superheroes, so naturally with them action and visuals are a major part of what makes them appealing. This isn't a drama where the ONLY that matters is emotion and story, it's a film about a warrior prince from another world and yes action and visuals are an important part of his film.

Now I'm NOT saying story isn't very important which it is, but it isn't THE ONLY thing in this type of film. You are short selling the value of great visuals and action sequences which takes just as much talent to create.

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