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Default Re: Superman vs Batman movie to feature Wonder Woman?

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
No, what I'm saying is that the other characters have to play by the rules set down by Man of Steel. It's a Sci-fi world not a superhero world, and thus characters are going to have to be reworked in order to fit that world. You can't have Gods and Mythical creatures in the Man of Steel world, it doesn't fit, it would be like having wizards in a Terminator movie. Krypton is the easiest pathway to uniformity. So no it's not lazy, it's logical and frankly brilliant because it's eliminates the need for convoluted justification as to why a character is doing something that contradicts the world set up in the previous movie. If you don't like the idea that's fine, but just because something is easier option doesn't make it lazy, if anything it makes the possibility of a better film being produced.
In the real world there is great beauty and happyness, on the other hand there is also big poverty and sadness, why? Because it's freaking complex, you can't have multiple elements in a world, that's called an expansive universe. You're not making a better movie, you're limiting one franchise (Wonder Woman) in favor of another (Superman). The man of steel was one of the most exagerated and less realistic superhero movie i've seen, gods there won't make a difference, and it's not like they're appearing in Superman's movies, they're appearing in the crossovers, which are different franchises where all these elements can work together

Originally Posted by childeroland View Post
Plenty of male-led action films fail, yet the actors' gender is not blamed. Why should it be different for women? Especially since far more male-led action films are made than female-led action films?
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