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Default Re: Superman vs Batman movie to feature Wonder Woman?

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
You have to follow the rules set up in previous movies, lets be honest, Man of Steel was never intended to be a wider universe - that is fact, no one can deny this. Iron Man was always the starting point for a much larger universe. It's not comparable because it's not intentionally trying to be anything other than a superhero movie. We have a specific world set up in MoS, it's a Sci-fi world, we've got rules set up from that film, you can't just ignore them. That is what you have to think about first and foremost with any follow movie, you have to then build any new stories and characters around that world previously created. If people don't like the idea that's fine, but if I'm a screen writer I know the best place to start is by adapting a character to fit the MoS world not the other way around, because ultimately you get cohesiveness and a much better launching pad for a better story. The usual fan response is 'if it's done handled correctly' - I'm sorry but even the best screen writers can't always handle something correctly because sometimes it's just too cumbersome to adapt. I take note that no-ones bothered to bring up any faults with the idea I posted, other than it's lazy, which it frankly isn't.
What's wrong with a tonal shift?

Where's the rule that says that sci-fi can't become more fantasy?

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