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Default Re: Should Batman be portrayed as a Protagonist or Antagonist in this film?

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
lol; true, though this film could be a case where we see a take on Batman that starts out being a figure that's become so weary from fighting, that he's pretty much lost his way and is growing dangerously close of becoming what Lex has already become.

It's possible that Lex may even orchestrate something that would make Superman look like he was the bad guy by framing him for something, which convinces everyone, including Batman (somewhat) that Superman is a problem.

Plus, being paranoid has always been Batman's thing.
Well, I just hope Batman is not portrayed as a jerk, but that might be the idea, at least at the beginning. Frankly I don't care about these two being rivals so I hope the "versus" stuff is resolved halfway through the movie

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