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Default Re: After the credits scene ***SPOILERS***

Mjolnir, probably. It's pretty heavy.
Originally Posted by Doomed Hero Rising View Post
So he won't change into a different looking person? That's good because I never quite understood how that whole thing worked. Although didn't they say that some actress was playing a nurse to Donald Blake? I wonder if Thor we'll say that is his name or something.
Natalie Portman's been cast as Jane Foster, who was Blake's nurse in the comics but will be a college student in the film. The dude in the prison may or may not have been Thor, but I can't imagine why Thor would be in some random prison in Monaco while his hammer is in New Mexico, so I'm personally considering him "some blonde dude."

I went to see Iron Man 2 at 10:30 a.m. yesterday, so the theater was almost empty. There were about a dozen people there. Most stayed through the credits and they seemed pretty happy with the scene. I tried to suppress my own nerdgasm the best I could, but I still clapped and giggled, even though I was there by myself.

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