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Default Re: The ending, did you go WTF? *spoilers of course*

Originally Posted by Solidus View Post
Showing Capt frozen, and have a montage of a passage of time, all that he loves and who he loves is going away and he is being left behind. That is so core to the character later on, I really felt like what the hell? ,
The way I see it, there are TWO different kinds of "suspension of dis-belielf" associated with a movie like this. The first, is the obvious one...the second kind is specific to people like us, who KNOW the story already.

The movie has to assume that everyone does NOT know that cap is thawed in modern day, that he wakes up and joins a world that has left him behind. Yes, it is part of the pop culture, but for storytelling purposes they have to assume that NO ONE knows what will happen.

Rather than let us in on what was happening as it happed, the filmakers chose to allow us to experience some of the confusion and uncertaintly that cap was feelin WITH him. NOT showing him thaw, and making it seem that he was in a 1940's hospital accomplished that....think about it...if you had never HEARD of cap before, you'd be in for quite an emotional ride as you discover what caps discovers AS he discovers it.

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