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Default Re: The ending, did you go WTF? *spoilers of course*

Wow, people wanted it to be MORE sad? My problem was really that it should have been two movies. The film was such a fun, excellent adventure film, and so well done, and really my only two gripes are that the Howling Commandos should have been more fleshed out and that I didn't want to follow this kind of film with such a downbeat ending, especially going right into the uplifting "Captain America March." It should have been that the first film would establish Captain America's origins, introduce the characters, and give more room to build up his training and his growth as a leader. Then the next film would deal with the events leading up to his freezing, and ending more or less as this film did. That way you have a sort of Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back relationship, where you have one film to just be able to enjoy it as a standalone, feel-good adventure, and the next really starts to pile on the drama.

Barring that, though, I do think that keeping the originally intended flow of the awakening happening after the credits would do a WORLD of good. Ending with the boy with the painted trash can lid ends things with a reminder of the good that Cap has accomplished and the positive influence he has been, and would segue beautifully into not just the upbeat end credits music, but also the patriotic imagery. By concluding the film proper in this manner, the focus remains on things relevant to the themes of the film: despite his loss and the loss of his friends, Steve has stuck to his principles as Dr. Erskine said, and done his part to help.

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