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Default Re: LAME: the new iron-man cartoons are about a teen iron-man!

Originally Posted by Gotham22 View Post
I heard it got cancelled recently and Disney plans to make a kiddy Iron Man show just like The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Ultimate Spider-Man.
EMH is anything BUT kiddy.

So, thanks to our Australian brothers, I managed to watch both "Iron Monger Lives" and "The Dragonseed". Here are a few thoughts:

"Iron Monger Lives" review
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
"Iron Monger Lives" picks up on the tragic ending of "Heavy Mettle", where Obadiah ends up on a coma and Whitney swears revenge on Tony, thinking he was responsible for his fate. It seems Obadiah has woken up, and now is playing mind games on Tony and friends, jeopardizing their hideout and their family. Tony's identity is in risk as he must figure out who is behind these attacks.

Rather predictably, it turns out to be Whitney, who has returned as Madame Masque to make Tony and his friends pay. I must admit, I was kinda disappointed that the events of this episode unsurprisingly led up to Masque being the villain behind it. I was hoping to see Ghost being the true culprit, since it could have fit logically with how the story was set up, and would have closed a much bigger plotline than Whitney's little revenge tease. Not to mention it's sort of contrived how Whitney's amnesia specifically allows her to remember she was Madame Masque and Tony was Iron Man, but not how she was obsessed with killing her father and protecting Stark, rather than the other way around.

Still, she is one of the more interesting villains in the show, and her return did have her as a huge threat, impressive for someone who is not an armored villain (brief control of the Iron Monger armor aside. The suspense and tension were actually good, and Whitney's arrest and further descent into madness and villainy are genuinely heartbreaking. Despite the show now being cancelled and this plotline possibly left hanging, her villainous tease does make her a welcomed, hopefully permanent addition to this show's rogues gallery.

Overall, though somewhat disappointing for personal reasons, a very strong episode, and one of the season's best.

"The Dragonseed" review
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
"The Dragonseed" features the resolution of three major story arcs this season: the Mandarin's possession of the final Makluan ring, Pepper's constant requests for her own armor, and Tony keeping his secret identity hidden from his father, Howard. How do these fare?

The final ring, unlike the others, does not seem to have a specific ability beyond giving the Mandarin full control. The final guarding is also not a reinvented Iron Man villain, but an alien soldier, a Makluan, who exposits that Gene and his family is half-Makluan, and shares the full backstory and origin of the Mandarin dynasty. He correctly assumes that Gene is too corrupt to wield its power, but is ultimately killed by him for his heroic effort. Iron Man and War Machine are joined in this mission by Pepper, who now has a stealth-specific and rather sleek armor and has codenamed herself "Rescue". Despite her initial air-headed behavior, she fits in rather quickly to the armored group. Finally, Howard, in a rather predictable fashion, reveals to Tony that he knows his son is Iron Man, and is surprisingly understanding of their deception.

For the most part, this is another strong episode after the nearly-horrific "The Hammer Falls". The backstory behind the Makluans is interesting and does not conflict with earlier information given. I was a bit shocked that Gene wasn't even half-human. Rescue, again, is a welcome addition to the group, and Howard and Tony being open with each other provided some relief. The one nitpick I did have was the manufactured drama provided earlier by Tony, who came off as overly angsty and whiny about his dad building a "weapon". It does make him seem kinda stupid, as well as an obvious Checkov used later on.

Still, this was another good one, and sets the stage for the show's grand finale.

Looking forward to tomorrow's final two episodes.

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