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Default Re: Batman television show?

A Batman show I would only be interested in if it took place during his league of shadows years. Show us the rigorous training and mindset it takes to actually be the batman. Develop his relationship with Ra's al Ghul and other characters.

Maybe sometimes switch to Gotham. Maybe have a journalist investigate the disappearance of Bruce Wayne or something. Have cameos, I dunno, just don't have it be a 'Batman' batman show.

Not unless you can match or top Batman Begins in both look and feel.

I know it sounds kinda Arrow-y with the back and forth. But in this show 75/85% would take place where Bruce is training and learning. And only a small portion would take place in Gotham.

You could even have Bruce traveling the globe and acting as sort of a proxy batman during his training. Maybe even head to Gotham in disguise once in a while. Yeah yeah I know, another origin story !

And Daredevil could be a great show.

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