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Default Re: Spidey in the Avengers?

Originally Posted by captainrogers View Post
Rock, people that wanna see Spidey in Avengers are gonna see ways they can justify/rationalize it happening.
I'm in your camp with believing he won't.
But the point is, none of us, without having seen the film can be 100% sure either way.
(though the better part of logic, I believe IS weighted on the "NO" side)
There's really no point in arguing.
You've stated the why's. that's all you can do.
If I were Feige/Disney, I'd address it with, "I guess you'll have to find out when the movie comes out."
Seriously how many people really even saw that woman's comments outside of the internet freaks scouring for new likes us?

But if your Feige, why address it at all? It's free publicity to draw more people into your Avengers movie who are naive enough to believe Spiderman's gonna pop up in it.

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