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Default Re: Spidey in the Avengers?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Oh, please. IMDB's "Most Anticipated" list is so full of **** its eyes have turned brown. They've got schlock like GI Joe, MIB III, The Dictator, The Expendables and even frickin' Battleship ranked in the top six, and that's nowhere close to what Most Anticipated lists on other sites are showing.

In any event, *even* on the IMDB list, TASM isn't even ON the list, so it's not being anticipated at all. And that *does* correspond with what other magazines/websites are reporting.

Face it: TASM has an uphill battle to win over Raimi fans, as well as fans who simply lost interest after the Spidey 3 fiasco. It's like TIH trying to gain some traction just a few short years after Ang Lee's Hulk bombed --- didn't work very well there at all.

Regardless of whether you believe Sony and MS would be willing to get into bed over merchandising rights, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why TASM could use some cross-promotion.
Spiderman isn't a floundering franchise. It didn't get torn to shreds like GL. It also doesn't feature a rampaging giant green beast, which some find hard to relate to in their heroes.

A simple cameo is not going to create mass appeal of cross-promotion. You mean to tell me if he appears in the background people are going to write off the disappointments of which you speak? Which leads into the idea of Spiderman actually having a legitimate role in the Avengers ..... Getting two studios to agree on both the fiscal aspects (box office and production) as well as quality control over how their respective properties are featured would be a complete nightmare. How do you even begin to negotiate the money factor? There's nothing upon which to judge who deserves what and how much.

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