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Default Re: Spidey in the Avengers?

1) And as I said genius - it's new. This would be the first time. There are ALWAYS first times. Studios partnering up in general? Happens a lot.

2) If Spider-Man is "so big" why is every poll showing it as bottom ladder? Get real dude. Kids are important, granted. But the end all be all? No. As said, only a fool would think Spider-Man has more going for him than the Avengers at this point. Don't listen to me - look to the polls. Every big film is practically beating it. Plus the fact that it is soon before Batman? Sony is even scared right now of that. I'm willing to bet - internationally - it's making sure to open far earlier than Batman to get those sales. Domestically? It's going to be a challenge.

3) Once again SPIDER-MAN 3. Got money from Spider-Man 2. Left many audiences feeling cheated. Left many audience members sick of the franchise. Spider-Man is a big property - Spider-Man on film at this point however is not. Unless you say these polls are wrong? Superman is one of the most popular brand names out there. Most guys have at least one Superman shirt. Hell, there's songs about the guy. Did this help Superman Returns? No.

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