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Default Re: Spidey in the Avengers?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Yes, we get that Spidey is Marvel's biggest comic book franchise. That doesn't translate to TASM being a no-brainer, though --- reboots have always been a tough sell. Look at Hulk and Superman --- *those* are top comic book franchises, too, but the reboots of their movies didn't pan out very well.
If the reboot gets destroyed critically then it won't matter what 10 second cameo it makes ..... which is why Superman had a problem getting out of the first weekend.

Hulk never had any box office or critical success before TIH so there was no foundation there. Marvel also crapped the bed promoting TIH. Moreover ... not with me personally, but for the average non-comic book enthusiast the big green monster is a hard hero to relate to.

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