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Default Re: Spidey in the Avengers?

1) Once again, on these kinds of properties? It's new. In general? It's not. Do you have reading comprehension problems, seriously, I just stated this last post. Unless you think the are no "firsts" - and everything needs precedence to happen - then how do firsts come about???

2) Dude, it has had as much promotion as Avengers in general audience eyes. Batman? Only has IMAX over it - which was SELECT places. SM also has the STRONGEST marketing campaign right now of the three. I have yet to see Avengers merchandise at stores or Batman, Spider-Man merchandise is EVERYWHERE. Blitz? Outside of trailers, it's already begun - same tempo as the rest - keep up sparky. Been living under a rock?

3) Multiple sites. Not me, are you slow? Srry, it's just seems like I keep having to reiterate common sense to you.

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