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Default Re: Am I the only one who feels like B'89 is vastly overrated?

89 was probably the closest we got to Batman Begins style in the old films. 89 shallowly showed the problems in a city without getting into the minutaea of the whys that Nolan dived into. Burton also had a pinch of camp in his films, which was then manifested further by Batman Returns, which still isnt a bad film either, but further off base.

Overall I feel Burton was too unpredictable for Batman. Nolan is more down to earth with the concepts and he obeys his own set of logic and design through the saga (It would seem so far). Burton is more of a whim guy. If he wants to do something off the wall, hed just do it for the art of it when most just wanted him to stay on the rails.

I grew up on Batman 89 and Returns and adore them, and I proudly state that batman begins is the true sucessor to Burtons suggested directions. While Burton liked a LITERAL gotham more, Nolan made Gotham mean an urban climate, figurative.

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