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Default Re: Superman: Earth One

Originally Posted by Ring Deacon View Post
My wife bought me this for Christmas, I loved the book. I felt it was a great way to bring Superman down to earth and make him just like everyone else his age. I know when I was 20 I was unsure about my life and what to do with it. But imagine being Clark Kent with all of these powers yet just wanting to be normal, but knowing you can never have that life. Earth One made the man of steel more human then any other Superman book out there. I only hope they pay attention to this in the new movie.
I get that POV, although, unlike Clark, I was sure pretty early that my passion in life was writing, so I didn´t particularly struggle with that. I wasn´t normal, but it was more my weight and looks that got me in trouble, not being gifted to the point of scaring people or something. I understand, but I don´t particularly relate.


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