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Default Re: Superman: Earth One

It wasn't that bad. For starters, the story flows and there is some very enjoyable dialogue. Also, the supporting cast is top-notch, which is something Superman books have been missing for a long time now and there are some neat ideas the book introduces that can stick to the character.

The book isn't bad at all, it just missteps one too many times on simple things. Clark being confused and conflicted upon arriving at Metropolis is fine, but the story sulks a little too much in that and hurts Clark as a character. If it hadn't been so heavy-handed on Clark's conflicted emotions and his reveal was a tad more iconic, it would've been solid work.

I've heard the complaint about Clark not choosing to become Superman and save people on his own and that he does it out of necessity, but that's only half-true. In the end of the day, he still decided to put on the costume on his own and reveal himself. He could have ran away or keep trying to help out in secret to no avail. And by the end, where he takes the ship (Eradicator or whatever) and asks to learn more about his origin, he's obviously welcoming his true nature. Becoming the so-called "Metropolis Clark" with the glasses and bad suit shows the same thing.

When he finally realizes that he can't really help until he's out in the open (be it during the invasion or when he talks to his boss after it's over), that's of his own free choice and it's the realization that every Superman has more or less come to make in the history of the character. Really, all it needed was a better progression toward that. The way the story was presented, it spent too much time on Clark being reluctant to help and way too little on showing that he really does want to help everyone.

Really, its biggest sin is that all of the above could've been easily avoided by anyone who's even remotely familiar with the character. Seeing how they were trying to market this book as the new-age Superman to appeal to new readers who've been raised with Smallville, I have to blame a big chunk of its flaws on that; trying too hard to make the new readers sympathize (if not outright identify with) Clark.

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