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Default Re: "Not cinematic enough"

Originally Posted by blinkuldhc View Post
Well, I'm not sure what your point or argument is, since I've basically stated the same exact thing as you did here -- that to get the same vertical shot (of the Hulk) in 2.35, they'd have to pan away... which is why a 1.85 makes sense for The Avengers. I "only" mentioned this in the very first, original post in this thread.

With regard to your LotR comment -- AGAIN, I said the same thing, i.e. that the aspect ratio was perfect for that movie because it captured the breadth/scope (as in, width) of it all.

Seriously, did you at all read (or comprehend) anything I said? You go through all this trouble of "arguing" your points seemingly against me, yet you basically restate everything I already said.

My whole point of this thread was to address what earlier critics had said about it being "not cinematic enough," that my guess is that they were referring to the cinematography facet of the movie, and NOT the actual film itself. The previous Marvel movies were shot wider in a larger AR; The Avengers is less wide and more square in picture, which is why I think people referred to it looking "less cinematic" or more like TV.

I am NOT saying that it is not cinematic enough, I am merely saying my opinion as to why others may say it is "not cinematic enough." This is why I 1) referred to other people calling it "not cinematic enough" and 2) put "not cinematic enough" in quotations, to make it clear that it is not my thought or statement.
You're the one that started the discussion with me by arguing against one of my points by taking half a sentence out of context. I had just written a general comment and I just made my points clear after you argued against it. I admit that I didn't read your first post again after you posted to me (and I read a lot of things while browsing) and just continued on the impressions you gave then.

And I maintain that cropping the same picture doesn't show the aspect ratios off properly and therefor doesn't really show the feel of it, regardless of what your overall point is.

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