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Default Re: Next X-Men films

If Marvel got all the rights back to all there characters, they wouldn't be able to do all there films like they doing now. There resources would be spread way to thin. That was actually the reason why we not getting Ant-Man in 2014. By 2015 we would have watched 5 Marvel Studios produced films and an additional 3 Marvel superhero films produced by other studios, if Marvel had the rights back 8 films in over the next 3 years wouldn't happen.

Fox is finally getting there act in order and I'm sure we will get better films as a result, and its not like they haven't produced in the past. XM:FC and X2 are classics, and in the comics the X-Men universe and Avengers or non-mutant Marvel superhero universe always felt a little seperate.

After DOFP, Fox could certainly make a X4 and XM:FC 2, Deadpool, Gambit and the Marauders, X-Faction, Bishop & Cable films, all set in one planned out continuity, much like the MCU... If the rights revert back to Marvel, that ain't happening.

Marvel got Daredevil back, but we ain't going to see him on the big screen for a long time. If he stayed at Fox chances are we would see a Daredevil film in the next 2-3 years.

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