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Default Re: Next X-Men films

Originally Posted by M-2 View Post
If Marvel got all the rights back to all there characters, they wouldn't be able to do all there films like they doing now.
As opposed to Fox doing one that's disappointing as usual?

That's was a poor excuse when Millar said it and that hasn't changed now.

Unlike Fox and Sony with their diminishing returns on Marvel Films, Disney's success has gone up and if this trend continues, they'll be able to expand and make more films per year.

"Quality films"

And as it stands they're only an average of 3 Marvel films being released per year by all 3 studio's combined anyway... There were 3 last year, 3 this year and they're will be only 3 next year. And for the first time there might be 4 in 2015. So how would things be different if Marvel was releasing them all?

Even with worse case scenario 1-2 films per year that are done right by Marvel Studios still beats Fox who's continuity flaws have never sat well with most movie goers who may have still somewhat liked the movie. And lets not forget Sony for releasing a film like Ghost Ridder 2 in this day and age.

So just releasing comic book films all for the sake of meeting deadlines isn't all it's cracked up to be. Again Sony is 3 out 6 and Fox 3 out 9.

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