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Default Re: Next X-Men films

Originally Posted by M-2 View Post
Marvel got Daredevil back, but we ain't going to see him on the big screen for a long time. If he stayed at Fox chances are we would see a Daredevil film in the next 2-3 years.
You do realize that Fox has been siting on this property for 9 years right???

Daredevil released in 2003, it's now 2012. So to sit here and prematurely accuse Marvel for dragging their feet while only getting the rights back barely a month ago and while not knowing what Fox was going to do with the franchise is kind of unfair.

Lets be clear Marvel isn't siting around hoping for miracles. They have a plan set for the next 3 years. It's Fox who clearly doesn't know what they're doing otherwise Daredevil wouldn't have reverted back in the first place.

So don't condemn Marvel for getting their rights back, the blame should be placed at Fox for their overall treatment of the Daredevil (and Elektra) franchise in the first place.

The "Devil" is clearly in the details... LOL get it!

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