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Default Re: Next X-Men films

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
If Fox had NEVER done an X-Men movie, and X-Men 1 was coming out next year? It'd be at least a $750 Million film.

The problem is, The X-Men are too over exposed to hit $1 Billion. A Billion Dollar movie isn't just a hit based on a big property. It has to capture some zeitgeist, or hit some cultural nerve, and that's VERY hard to do with your 8th movie (which would be the absolute soonest Marvel could get the property back, since Days of Future Past will be the 7th X-Man film.)

Giving Marvel the property won't automatically make it sell 120 Million tickets. Familiarity, plus inconsistency has driven audiences away from the property, and it would take a significant time putting the film on ice (10-15 years) to have an X-Man film do anywhere close to what The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, or even the Amazing Spider-Man did this year.
Whoa!!! I'm not advocating Marvel get back the X-Men and whether Marvel owns them will make any real difference. I'm just saying Fox has the opportunity to do it right. You might be confusing my wanting the FF to revert back but this is not the case toward X-Men. Lets say The Wolverine is really good. Then DOFP has every opportunity to make a Billion (or real close to it) But I might tend to agree that the X-Men over exposure and past errors may pose a roadblock but people are still receptive towards the X-Men

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