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Default Re: Next X-Men films

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
Basically? We're at the point where we've had Pizza every day for dinner for a week. The first time it was awesome, but by the 7th helping you're like "Blah."
I like that analogy

Interesting you think X-Men 1 being just a "decent" film is also what held the property back? If you compare X-Men 1 to Batman Begins, they both sold roughly the same # of tickets, but one became a Billion dollar franchise, and the other has yet to break $500 M.

There are other factors, but if X-Men 1 had been a great movie like X-2, Spider-Man, Batman Begins, or Iron Man, perhaps the franchise wouldn't be locked into mid-tier box office receipts.
Truthfully, X-3 if Bryan Singers had stayed on and made the movie that he meant to make it would've cleared $700 Million. Fox just lost momentum. Nolans Batman never lost momentum because one movie was as good or better then the next. So the momentum was killed with XM-TLS. They got a little something going with XM-FC. Lets see what they'll do this time around though the lightning in the bottle was last decade..

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