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Default Re: Jamie Foxx IS Electro - Part 1

Originally Posted by webhead9707 View Post
No but he got the dogs and goons that *did challenge Batman physically. To a degree anyway. I suppose really Bane was more of a dual threat. I should have went with Bane.

I definitely think he will physically. It's just that now that we don't have to spend an hour on the origin, I'm not sure Electro has enough substance to carry a whole film by himself. Unless they go the Doc Ock SM2 route and make up some stupid role that ties him into Peter. I want the villain to have substance and be good, but that doesn't mean he has to tie in to Peter. I think Kraven would have been great for the sequel. Or maybe Kraven and Electro together.
I don't think he will be tied into Peter directly, but he will definitely tie to Oscorp. I think he could hold a film. The movie has so many stories and plot lines to cover, it won't be a problem. If you really think about it, Doc Ock wasn't really a major part of Spider-Man 2. He was the villain, but the main story was just Peter Parker dealing with his own personal life, and Mary Jane.

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