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Default Re: Jamie Foxx IS Electro - Part 1

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
This is a weird hope i have. That electro's masterplan in the film is somewhat comic like lizards in asm. Ideally, an amazing plot/conflict but still larger than life. Lizards goals were silly as balls and were probably the worst part of the film but if they make electros some deep philosophical quandary with real world applications it wouldnt match the tone of the first film.

Sue me for wanting to see him absorb all the electricity in the city. Woah. On that note i just thought it would be cool if his plan turned suicidal/genocidal. "I will unleash this pain on the city that created me!" says Jamie Foxx's character tears sizzling as they leave his eyes.
What kind of arguement is that? Just because Lizard's plan wasn't deep, Electro's shouldn't be because that wouldn't fit? You even say yourself that Lizard's plan was the worst part of ASM yet you want Electro's to be as silly?

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
That could be interesting. Have him work for Osborn, but his powers are always kept in check, guaranteeing that he doesn't grow too powerful. But Electro discovers they have the means to augment his powers and he forces the scientists working at Oscorp to improve him.
I like this!

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