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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 2

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
I'm not telling you Hulk is all of that. But I am telling you that Hulk could decimate both Barton and Romanoff by poking them too hard with one hand, while putting Cap in a coma by poking him too hard with the other hand. Moments later yanking Iron Man out of the sky, grasping him firmly in both hands and ripping him into two nearly-equal pieces. Therefore leaving him to go one on one with Thor and thwomping him verily within twenty minutes.
You said "by your logic"... and you're not using my logic AT ALL. You're using the exact opposite of my logic. That's the problem.

"I knew there was something wrong. It just took a while to dawn on me, or maybe I was just afraid to think it, but... you survived the destruction because you caused it. Raina wasn't the only one changed in there, and I'm pretty sure the DNA results that I'm running right now will confirm that there's nothing wrong with the data in my head Skye. There's something wrong with you." - Leo Fitz
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