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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

Originally Posted by Duran Man View Post
Singer unsure of Halle Berry's return

To me this could mean that either Storm isn't in the script, but may be written in, or she was in the script, but was written out, but may be written back in.

He says wants to make sure it'll make sense bringing Storm/Halle Berry back. Well, she was the leader of the X-Men at the end of X3, she's the mutant who has the best chance against the Sentinels, and there's little fact that she was actually in the story. If it's not completely about getting Berry to sign on (which I imagine is part of it), then story-wise, there shouldn't be much trouble including Storm in the story.
This is a weird one. It seems like Bryan is contradicting himself with his statement. He said he wants to make sure that every character has a function but at this point if he has not decided on a character's role then more than likely that character's inclusion would be just filler.

I think Singer is just throwing us of the scent and he's waiting to announce her later or he has just confirmed that Halle Berry will not be in this movie. I hope it's the former.

It's also interesting to see that he says he 'loves working with her' I guess that brings to rest all those rumours about the two completely hating each other.

I guess we'll have to wait to see this how this develops. but I'm beginning to lose hope fast.

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