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Default Re: Its that time again to rank the X-Men movies!

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I'm thinking everything post the 70s part of X-DoFP is gone. Which makes XFC and a part of X-DoFP canon.

Also, heavily implied is not the same as told. Technically, XMOW went out of its way to make things stick with the trilogy. So, I must disagree.

Still, TW made it pretty clear that every film is in continuity. Not that I'd presume to tell you which movies you should consider canon or not.
Yeah, Days of Future Past is going to make everything tricky. If I understand the producers right, if the film is a massive hit with the fans and makes bank at the box office, the idea is to do a sequel with the First Class cast and then do a sequel with the original two different X-Men films going on. The question is whether or not those two different time periods with the two different casts are part of the same timeline or are separate timelines all together.

It's just all going to be very weird, in my estimation.

Origins Wolverine, like First Class, got half the details right and then half the details completely wrong in terms of how it lines up to what was shown and told in X-Men and X2. On top of that, it's just a terrible film. Hence the reason I don't particularly care to make it part of canon, even though I know it is.

It's just frustrating that the original trilogy set everything the way it should be and the two prequels went out of their way to contradict portions of the original trilogy. At least with the Wolverine, that film made the great decision to just not reference the prequels all that much, if at all. It only takes it cue from X-Men The Last Stand. And with the way that it ends, minus the post credit sequence, it's a fitting finale to the Logan saga, considering the original trilogy is all about Logan.

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