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Watch A Schoolgirl Beat Up Monsters In 3D Battler Closers. July 12, 2014 . 9:30am

Closers is a 3D, free-form brawler action game for PC.


Closers is a 3D, free-form brawler action game for PC. For those interested, embedded above is a gameplay video of Ranger Yuri Seo, who fights with a longsword and a pistol.

The above trailer is from regular player-versus-environment stages. It shows off how the game switches from side-scroller to action-movie style when certain moves are pulled off, which help give it a fast paced feel.

The name Closers comes from the game’s various characters, who are “Closers”. These people are part of the mysterious Black Lambs organization sent to close the various inter-Closers is a 3D, free-form brawler action game for PC.
Read more at portals which have sprung up around Korea, spewing forth demons.

The kicker for Closers over other similar titles is that it will include an additional mode called Aeon of Strife (AoS). AoS mode is like a MOBA-mode with separate heroes to choose from and play as.

Closers is in closed beta in Korea on PC, and there’s already an English site available here if you want more background on the game.

Read more stories about Closers & PC & Screenshots & Videos on Siliconera.
source: Siliconera

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