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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

If both of El Mayimbe's big scoops are proven debunked (for the moment LR can point to pass denials of scoops they got right), they should cut him loose.

Both seem a bit too much to be true. Planet Hulk and WWH? Seemed unlikely from the outset.

And Nolan overseeing all of DC's film work and Bale returning for a Justice League Batman? Seems unlikely again. That looks more like fan wish fulfilment than anything that is especially logical or practical, given the evidence to hand.

Seems more likely to me at the moment these scoops are either made up (shame on him if that is the case), or his sources are bogus (he's getting bad info from bad leads), or he has been played by the studios big time (Legit sources who have seen him coming).

Of course, there's still the possibility, however unlikely, that he might be right. But I'll only beleive that when I see it.

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