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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

Originally Posted by Slugster View Post
Superman is about the old American way not todays American way.
When people had Morals, Values and Respect.
and the dollar didnt mean everything.
This World is as corrupt and greedy as it could be and no one cares as long as it dont effect them personally (APATHY)
We need HOPE and and a feeling of a future.
The old Superman was less of a boy scout and more of a Thats enough!

Some good dialouge can be taken from this post actually.


"I stand for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. No, not the American way of today, not the ways of the world. A world soaked in apathy, apathy that is in place of needed empathy. I stand for the old American way. I don't care about money, but values. The mighty dollar means nothing to me. I don't advocate greed, but morals. Corruption shows a lack of respect for the person beside you on the street, at the store, the person who has a child born in the room next to yours. Enough is enough, what this world needs is hope. And I've taken it upon myself to provide that hope. My life, my meaning, the reason I am here is just that. I'll never stop, and it's not like anyone could actually, stop me..................

Was that too preachy"?


"Well, yeah! But it's a good message, gets your point across".


"Kids probably won't think I'm that cool, will they"


"Cool is really overrated. Infact, whats cool is really part of the problem nowadays".


"True. Well, that bodes well for me".


"It really does".


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