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Default Re: 1938 Superman. The One To Adapt?

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
I love this.
Thank you. It was off the cuff, but reflects the kind of dialouge I want to see in the movie. I'm a big believer in the power of dramedy in comic book/sci-fi/fantasy/adventure material.

Originally Posted by afan View Post
A scene involving a despicable criminal act including Superman's intervention that does not feature a humorous tone ala Reeve's "Bad vibrations?", but rather as NotFadeAway suggests features the demeanor of John Wayne, would be welcome. However this type of action would not carry an entire film. As a vignette, perfect, but the meat of the story needs to be epic in scope!
Your right, it could not carry the film alone. But like you said, a vignette would be nice. Have you seen the original Robocop? In the film, after Robocop comes online he is sent out on his first night in Detroit. What follows is a series of non-related crimes that Robocop stops while showing off all his abilities. I would do something similiar with Superman following his debut in suit. While it might draw ire, I'm having Superman stop a terrorist attack myself.

Originally Posted by Catman View Post
We could always compromise. Clark Kent could be the one defending housewives. He's not gonna use his powers, so it could be a fair fight. I just think it's important for Clark Kent to do SOMETHING. In the movie world, Clark Kent has never been a real character. He was just the goofy disguise. It's time to change that. If there's one thing that Lois & Clark and Smallville got right it's that they gave CK the proper respect.
Clark Kent would do his part.......through writing.


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