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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

I think ambiguous would be alright since this will be a chance to make a fresh impression for new viewers of the franchise.

Justice League for most of the first season did little to actually reference older animated shows like STAS, BTAS, and TNBA. Voice actors for many characters also changed. Specifically Superman and the Flash from previous appearances. Also Kyle Rayner when he showed up again.

Dread, you weren't there so I wouldn't expect you to notice that the episode of Ultimate Spider-Man that was shown at Con got mostly positive reactions from the crowd. Not to mention the new production art that was shown for season 2.

But that's fine. Some time ago you were skeptical that EMH could even be a good, quality show or that Chris Yost was experienced or good enough to handle heading up the creative aspects of the show which you are also in continual denial over as well.

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