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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

I don't recall denying that I was initially skeptical that Chris Yost could handle being story editor alone. In fact a few times I stated outright I was glad to have been wrong on that one.

"ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN" was the first foray into Marvel Animation production for Loeb & company. Sure, he had a hand in "A:EMH" towards the end but that was a pre-existing show show. It wasn't the best first impression in my eyes, to be blunt. So I'm skeptical of other projects until I see an uptick in quality.

Historically, we lost "TSSM" for "USM", which is the garbage replacement of a brilliant show. While the circumstances are different for "A:EMH" - a 52 episode run is a fine run of episodes, and there's no competing company - there is the fear that the dynamic will repeat itself.

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