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Default Re: > Design FOX's Production AGENDA since DOFP (2014-2022)

We want the Wolverine to do better than 100 million domesticly.Some users here like YoungPrime are just wanting to com here and brag that X-Men fanchise at fox Is doomed
and flopping.I expect It to do at least Origins level business but It won't reach X2 or Last Stand.Plus If you want another film with original cast without first Class actors you don't want a film with the Robert Downey JR of X-Men underperforming.

The wolverine Is only comic book film of year I am excited about.The entire Disney VS Fox war on the board Is reducing my intrest In Marvel studios films.Especilly with marvel taking so much from Ultimate marvel line.

Iron Man 3-It's based on Extremates partly and I hated that.Plus war Machine armor doesn't even resemble the wa rmachine from comics anymore.Plus they have a mandarian In name only
Man of Steel-I never liked another reboot but I have absolety hated the teasers.
Thor:The Dark World-I don't even know the new villains plus I always said If darcy was brought back I wouldn't see It.And they have dary back supposly In larger role.

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