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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post
We're getting bogged down with strawmen.
That's because your arguments always rest on them.

Nolan didn't use The Riddler because he had already blown his load with a psychological villain and didn't want to do a remake of The Dark Knight. He couldn't think of a way to differentiate Riddler enough from Joker so as to not cover the same ground. So he dropped Riddler and went for Bane.
No, Nolan went for Bane because he wanted a villain who would be a physical threat to Batman because he had not had that yet in the series. His words. Quoted right there in the link I posted above. It's also stated by both Nolan and Goyer in this book:

Do you want scans from it?

OutRiddled, your constant attempts to speak on Nolan's behalf in every thread are frankly pathetic. Especially when he says himself why he does these things.

A lot of people say Jim Carrey was a Jack Nicholson Joker knock-off but I disagree. There was the whole obsession with Bruce Wayne and trying to find out Batman's identity. Then trying to break him by forcing him to choose between his two identities (either save his love interest as Bruce or his partner Robin as Batman).
People say Carey was a Nicholson rip off because he was as hyper and theatrical as he was. Tommy Lee Jones' Two Face also gets accused of it. The pair of them spent the movie trying to out ham each other.

Joker in TDK does the same thing with Dent/Rachel.
No, he doesn't because Batman never had the choice he had in Batman Forever. Joker lied to him about where Dent and Rachel were. He took the choice out of his hands. No matter who he chose he wouldn't be saving the one he wanted. It was a trick because Joker KNEW Batman would pick Rachel because he cared about her. "Does Harvey know about you and his little bunny?"

Nice strawman though. You'd have more credibility calling Green Goblin in Spider-Man 1 a knock off since he was obsessed with Peter/Spidey, found out his identity, and then made Spider-Man choose between MJ and a tram full of innocents kids to save by dropping them both at the same time in front of him.

Joker in Batman '89 was all about him and Batman both being freaks (one good and one evil), hence the "I made you, you made me".
No, it wasn't all about that because that plot point didn't get thrown in until the end of the movie thanks to a last minute rewrite by Burton during the writers strike.

Want the link to that again?

Nolan couldn't use the same formula, so he essentially combined certain elements for Joker.
Let me get this straight: If Nolan did the Riddler you're saying he'd be done exactly like Carey's Riddler? Tell me this: which comics have you read where Riddler was obsessed with Bruce Wayne, and tried to make him choose between Robin and a girlfriend?

We won't even get into the idiocy of thinking this is the only way Riddler could have been written.

See what I mean? You're the king of strawmen arguments.

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