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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Sam Hamm didn't like it because back in the early 90s he was getting all the backlash from the decision because his name was on the script. Lets remember, the script he made for Batman II had the big reveal that Thomas and Martha Wayne was a mob hit and Napier just carried the order out. So in reality, I doubt Hamm even cared. He just didn't want to take the slack from a decision he didn't make and rightfully so.

Fans didn't like it because it wasn't accurate and went in a different direction from established comic canon. Fans weren't as forgiving about "interpretations", artistic licensing, or anything like they are now.

Bob Kane loved it, said he wish he thought of it but he also thought the Schumacher Batman's were the best and ****ed over Bill Finger who was equally responsible for Batman if not more so and didn't even live to see the great impact of '89 Batman or what Batman is today. Kane was in it for the fame and fortune.

It doesn't bother me. I enjoyed the little surprise back in 1989 when it went that route. Do I think it's definitive or canon, nope. But it worked for me for what Batman was on film in 1989 as one of thousands and thousands of different interpretations of Batman.

I particularly liked Joker's reaction to the news. It wasn't cliched or a shocked or knowing response from his part. It seemed like a natural response from someone backing away from a dude dressed as a menacing Bat. "Huh, what are ya talking about", "I was just a kid bro, I say you made me, you gotta say I made you, how childish can you get"

Wouldn't punch a guy with glasses would ya?

I love the fed up face Batman makes an his eyes before he punches his grinning face over the ledge.

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