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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 9

i love the tone of how it's filmed....
whitish grays, lots of space, but neutral. clean.
I really thought this was gonna be that some cheap looking blue that you see too often.

i seriously love the way this movie looks so far, and i'm not an action movie fan at all. I thought the little bit of bantering between Widow and Cap at the start was a good sign too...
it didn't feel goony or forced at all, I like the tone of that, hope the movie stays like that.
with Cap and Falcon's interactions too. we totally don't need two more wisecracking bro's dodging bullets and quipping and stuff. which is what I guess I was assuming we'd see with Cap and Falcon. Who knows, just a preview and doesn't really show much at all...but I feel like I was really wrong about my expectations for this movie. nice.

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