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Default Re: "The Price Of Freedom Is High." The Chris Evans/Captain America Thread

Originally Posted by TJByrum View Post
I think the Avengers movie was just about Fury trying to quickly pull together as many known heroes as he could rather than just form an official team. I mean, I know he's been supporting the Avengers initiative, but it would have never happened unless the events in Avengers occurred.

By the end of Avengers though the heroes realized they could work together as a team. In AoU I feel like everything will feel natural. As such I also expect Cap to take on more of a leadership role.
I REALLY hope he does and that there will be a bit more screen time for Cap' because in Avengers he's not really present in the movie except for the Battle of New York .

Originally Posted by The Caped Knight View Post
Seriously Chris Evans is so damn prefect in this role. I'm so happy that he got casted rather than a very big named actor who may look the part but doesn't have an ounce of humility.
Yep , I'm sure that with a great script , Evans could be prized IMO

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