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Default Re: The RPG Soapbox: Let your voice be heard!

The final season idea has merit. And the tv analogy is apt because, if the final season gets a huge influx of activity, it might merit not ending the game (like how Magnum PI was given a final season, and then brought back for another by viewer demand).

Unless every game is limited in length, continuity is always going to be an issue. But I think continuity not only gives games more meaning to writers, it can be a good challenge to new writers. The problem is, the history is never recorded and maintained anywhere. We have a great wiki for the games that is never kept up to date. All it would take is a paragraph or two at mid and end season about your character, but players (including myself) are too lazy or uninterested (or even ignorant of it) and don't keep it updated.

Right now in CaH, Hound is being awesome and going through and building a page by page summary of the game. That might be too much detail, but for someone like me who came in late in the game, and season, it'll be an invaluable resource.

Another idea would be to limit how long someone can keep a player. Maybe a two or three consecutive season limit, thereby giving new players a chance at their favorite characters. Even though I'm guilty of it for various reasons, a story shouldn't really take more than three seasons to tell. Now, a player could ask the GM if they can go longer, and if no one has shown interest in the character, keep it past three. But it might just be easier to have a static limit. If you can't get your ducks together to tell a story in three, then don't, or figure out a way to make it work.

I do like the idea of the single season games. New players have fun with their favorite characters, old players get to dabble in new stories. And, hopefully, by having fun with their favorite characters, they get the urge to play different characters in the main games.

What might also help to give new players a shot is that veteran players do not get first dibs on characters. Perhaps they should have to wait a week before applying for anyone so new players can have some fun (not sure how this would work with multi-season arcs).

Just a couple of ideas that popped into my head while reading this. I have others, but this isn't really the place for them.

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