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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

Originally Posted by Mrs Vimes View Post
It's a matter of preference I guess. I know many people were happy with it, but the way The Avengers handled its characters did nothing for me (as well as the movie itself really). I kinda felt like I got a little tidbit of every character but nothing of real substance. Also, the most interesting aspect of that team to me was the friction between Captain America and Tony Stark, but again that relationship just didn't get enough time because the movie would then race off to deal with other stuff.
To me, I felt like the movie was lacking in depth. Everybody got a right amount of screentime, everybody played a role in the story but I didn't really feel that strong connection between the cast. And there were some scenes in the movie that felt really forced like for example, Avengers' reaction to Agent Caulson's death.

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I don't think we needed Banshee and the others elevated to protagonist. But they could have had a little more substance, it only takes a few lines of dialogue to tell us why they are choosing to do what they are doing.

Fans are just asking for a little less Wolverine. He's not the whole picture. Notice how there are 10 times as many posts in this section as in The Wolverine section. That's an indication that X-Men as a whole is more appealing than just more and more frickin' Wolverine.
I thought Banshee was a good addition not because of his role in the movie but because the actor that was playing him did a good job and I felt he had personality.

Wolverine needs X-Men as much as X-Men needs Wolverine. Wolverine's solo movie is not going to be as big as X3 if he's not fighting with the X-Men. X-Men's movie is not going to be very successful if the most popular character is missing. They need each other to really appeal to the mass audience.

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