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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post
The one big problem I have with Nolan's films, is that they over-intellectualise the material to the point of ridiculousness. By doing so, in reality they are dumbing it down. You cannot cover a subject as complex as Anarchy Vs law and order in a 2 hour film. You can deconstruct the superhero in an essay, but it's not going to make for an entertaining film. I actually thought Watchmen did that in a much more entertaining and satisfying way. Showing what would it be like if superheroes actually existed. Instead we get endless monologues over-explaining everything.
The movies never tried to "cover" these subjects. That is to say they aren't designed to educate or inform the audience in the 2 hour timespan. They're meant to entertain you while leaving you some food for thought when you think back on the movie afterwards. All of Nolan's movies have that aspect of being able to live on in your mind after you see the film. But as films they are built to thrill and entertain. I was never taken out of the film by the monologues because they were always well placed and well acted. It never felt like Heath Ledger was preaching to the audience about chaos. It made total sense because he was trying to twist Harvey's point of view. It enhanced the movie because he raised some good points and you could believe that Harvey in his state might be susceptible to Joker's rhetoric.

It'd be one thing if the movie took an aside to talk about chaos but it didn't advance the plot or characters. But the seamlessness with which they integrated all the various elements just makes the movie fire on all cylinders.

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