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Default Re: When and how should Gwen Stacy die? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
We will probably not for a very, very long time have the chance to see the Death of Gwen Stacy story be adapted to the big screen again. The next reboot won't want to build up the Peter and Gwen relationship all over again, especially not since it's so well handled in Webb's story (so far). The next reboot wouldn't want to be too similar to this one.

So this might be the only chance we get for an extremely long time to finally get this epic moment on the big screen, one of the most legendary comic book moments ever in fact.

Add to that:

1) That Webb loves that story arc and has hinted at it in interviews several times. The fact that Webb, a character director who really gets emotions, seems eager to do this story is a huge opportunity. Don't waste that!

2) That Arad, who's the big boss of all this, and has alot to say in regards to the story, hinted at it as well in an interview. He basically said that they used Gwen in ASM because of her famous story and ultimate fate.

3) That Emma herself almost seems to demand this event to happen in this trilogy in several interviews. She's mentioned it so many times how much she wants it to happen and that it should happen exactly like the comic books, that it almost seems as if she's told by Arad/Webb that it's the plan and now she's hinting at it. She should know at least something about the plans of her character in the trilogy.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
The whole promise thing at the end of ASM is an extremely clear hint that it's almost impossible to miss it. To not think that this point alone is enough to see that Gwen's ultimate fate is supposed to happen in this trilogy whether you want it or not is just stupid and ignorant.

5) Norman Osborn has this huge presence in the movie without being seen. We know for sure that he will be the big main of this trilogy. Sure, Green Goblin could appear without killing off Gwen, but do some simple logic thinking, put two and two togehter and you'll see how much they build up for this to happen.

It WILL happen, and I love that!
I enjoyed reading this post and I, Ultimate-ly, agree with it.

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