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Default Re: METROPOLIS-The City's "Portrayal"

Originally Posted by Mindreaper21 View Post
As for the people, I want to see the city divided where some people accept Superman and others want him dead. Sure, Superman is a good guy going around saving people and doing good deeds, but I would understand seeing people afraid of him. Just imagine that you are in one of those tall buildings and then all of a sudden the room gets ripped half way off and you are at the edge nearly about to fall to your death. Imagine you're walking with your child and he/she nearly gets crushed by falling debris. This would cause people to hate/fear Superman.

Realistically, everyone can't be pleased and I really hope that it's shown in the movie.
I don't think you really want to delve too far into that property damage sucks aspect.

Superman will never be able to win over those people, and eventually, anyone would get tired of that sh-t, no matter how good the person is.

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