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Default Re: Assassin's Creed IV

Originally Posted by James View Post
The future stuff really turns me off, honestly. I don't care about it at all and rushed through all of it as quickly as possible in AC1 and 2. I'm still not sold on AC4 yet, but knowing there is a minimal amount of future nonsense would definitely be a point in its favor.
Yea im the same way. Every time im sucked out of the animus i do what needs to be done as quick as possible so i can get back to the core game. I dont think the future sci fi stuff adds anything even remotely interesting to the game. Had they of just left that and the whole world ending nonsense out, the series would of been fine. Assassins v Templars throughout history, thats all ya need.

Originally Posted by James View Post
I disagree. Obviously it's subjective, but I'd be perfectly happy with a series where we just play as "cool assassins throughout time". There's no reason the story couldn't be something else that links them all together without sci-fi future baloney. For me it's definitely not a case of the future stuff being less fun than the past stuff, and absolutely a case of the over all story just being uninteresting.
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